Moldova – Romania 2021

On November 24, 2021, Moldova and Romania issued each two stamps dedicated to viticulture and showing grapes. Moldova issued stamps in miniature sheets of 10 stamps 2x[5×2], but also as a se-tenant miniature sheet of 3 pairs [3x1p], alternating stamps (i.e. when cut either in 3 vertical pairs or 2 horizontal + 1 vertical). Romania proposed stamps in sheets of 28 (2x[4×7]), but also in miniature sheets of 5 stamps and one label 2x[3×2] consisting of a row of 2 and a row of 3 stamps. The label is positioned at the end of the first row, and represents the design of the second stamp type. Only 980 pairs of these Romanian miniature sheets have been printed. Mixed covers with stamps from both countries became also available.