Catalogue description

The Catalogue page provides access to the full Catalogue of Joint Stamp Issues 2022.

Continuously updated catalogue

This catalogue is available in reading mode only and subdivided in volumes of about 100 to 120 pages to allow a fast screen loading. Uploading and printing is not possible at this stage.

The catalogue is updated as soon as new data become available and will affect individual descriptions, improved images, but also quotations. Any hint for improvement, completion of missing information and corrections is welcome. The most updated version will always be the one on line. However, older versions will remain available in the Archives section for comparison purpose.

To date, there are 15 volumes available, representing a total of more than 1,750 pages in form of e-books, readable on computer screens, tablets and phones. For each volume, table of content, search tool and enlargement tool are available. It is not possible yet to perform a full research over the entire catalogue, but only volume by volume.

Direct access to individual stamp issues is easily possible through the Table of Content, providing one knows the date of issue. Otherwise a Search based on key words will be needed. In this case, and in particular if the approximate period of issue is unknown, it is recommended to start with the Country or Topic lists in Volume I.

Classification system unchanged

The way of classification and the individual descriptions remained unchanged compared to the 2006 catalogue edition and is fully described in Volume I. This specific Volume I is entirely dedicated to the descriptions and definitions of Joint Stamp Issues and provides fully updated listings of countries and topics. In terms of stamps, it contains only the chapter ‘Folders and Books’ which could not easily be integrated in the chronological listing of the following volumes.

Some major modifications

Additional major modifications compared to the printed catalogue 2006 include the following:

  • All illustrations are now in color
  • The descriptions, definitions and tables of contents appear in a dedicated volume (see above, Volume I). A summarized definition description is provided in the FAQ page.
  • The listing of stamps is provided in a full chronological order
  • Most commonly Non-accepted joint stamp issues [N] have been reintroduced to avoid recurrent questioning, but appear in form of a summarized description, with limited illustrations, without quotation and in grey color and italic characters.
  • The class [S] stands for “Se-tenant” joint stamp issues and not Siamese, term which is more adapted to describe stamps from Siam, i.e., Thailand. This did not result in changes of codes for individual [S] series or stamps
  • The code for books and folders has been changed from [B] to [F] while [B] stands now for “Borrowed design” which is a sub-type of “Non-approved” Joint Stamp Issues [N]
  • The individual entries of the previous chapter ‘Joint Stamp Cancellations’ have been distributed over the catalogue in chronological order and headed with code [J]

Other minor modifications have to be found in the individual descriptions in Volume I. Some entries, in particular referring to previously reported Omnibus series have been affected the Non-accepted class.

Catalogue numbering system

This new virtual catalogue version was initiated in 2022. However, as the catalogue will be updated as soon as new information is available, the main title will also change every year. Of course, chapters of the most recent years, i.e., volumes XIV and XV, will be updated the most often during the years 2022-2024, but these changes will affect as often the Table of Contents in Volume I.

Next to the Number of Volume appears a code telling the number of the version and provides the date of the most recent modification.

As an example, let us take the following code: Vol XIV – V3.01 20220101 which appears at the heading and bottom of each page:

  • The letter ‘V’ stands for the word ‘Version’
  • Figure ‘3’ stands for third catalogue knowing that the 1997 version has to be considered as the first one (V1) and the Catalogue 2006 as the second one (V2). V3 was used for the edition 2022, V4 for the edition 2023, and so on
  • To avoid frequent page modifications during a full year, a buffer of 2 to 4 pages has been left open at the end of each volume. Change of quotations all over the catalogue which may happen every 2 or 3 years depending upon inflation will also affect this version figure
  • ‘.01’ stands for the first published version, usually in January. Each modification during the year leading to the replacement of the on-line volume, will result in the increment of this figure. This may happen up to twice a month for the most recent years. Replacement of volumes by updated versions will not be announced. However, the addition or the modification for a dedicated stamp series will be announced in the News page.
  • Changes of the head number of the catalogue, i.e., from ‘V3’ to ‘V4’ which will be put in place for all volumes at the same time, i.e. at the beginning of each new year, will also reset to ‘.01’ the secondary classification number
  • Very minor changes such as orthographic and grammatical improvements will not lead to numbering modifications
  • The change of the version will also be translated in the date of this modification. So, the first basic 2022 version available from this site, and which is described as 20220101 (standing for YYYYMMDD) will remain as long as this version is not updated. With this date, it will always be possible to see for how long this Volume has not been modified.
  • The first version of each volume as well as the intermediate versions are available in the Archives section as well as the intermediate versions for the running year. These intermediate versions will be erased from the Archives when a new version is put in place

Catalogue of Joint Stamp Issues 2006 still available (printed edition)

There are still some samples available of the Catalogue of Joint Stamp Issues 2006. If you are interested to acquire a sample at a discounted rate (€ 20 plus € 5 to 10 for shipment), just send a mail to Contact.

  • 736-page book full in English
  • 3,400 black and white illustrations
  • Four-color soft cover

This Catalogue of Joint Stamp Issues 2006 obtained a Gold Award at Chicagopex 2006

Catalogue Version 2022 V3.0 in figures (Archived)

  • 1728 pages in 15 volumes (status January 2022), full in English
  • 7,800+ full color illustrations
  • 14,000+ items described
  • 2,100+ sets of common stamp issues among which 1,490+ sets of true joint stamp issues
  • 32,000+ quotations

Catalogue Version 2023 V4.0 in figures

  • 1784 pages in 15 volumes (status April 2023), full in English
  • 8,100+ full color illustrations
  • 14,800+ items described
  • 2,180+ sets of common stamp issues among which 1,500+ sets of true joint stamp issues
  • 33,000+ quotations