Unexpected Armenia – Romania issue

On April 3, 2023, Armenia and Romania honored Prof Ana Aslan (1897-1988) with a joint issue showing two portraits of the Romanian biologist and physician of Armenian descent, specialist of gerontology and founder of the first Geriatrics Institute. She is known for the invention of the drug Gerovital also called “The Elixir of Youth”, words appearing on the margins of the miniature sheets (Information first provided by Don Birschel, USA).

Both countries issued two identical stamps each. Armenia produced two miniature sheets of 10 stamps (2x[2×5]) and a miniature sheet containing two blocks of 4 of both designs. Printing run of the two stamps is 20,000 but it is not clear how this is distributed between the two miniature sheets. Romania produced panes of 32 stamps (2x[4×8]) at the level of 2×300 panes, together with miniature sheets of 5 stamps linked to a label representing the portrait used in the other design. The number of printed miniature sheets was limited to 2×865. Romania produced also official mixed first day covers bearing all four stamps, but only at 161 samples!