Failed opportunities

The programme of new stamps from Belarus included a potential joint issue with China and another with Vietnam, both expected to be released during the month of January at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relationships. The Belarus stamps were issued respectively on January 12, 2022 and January 24, 2022, but there is absolutely no news from either China PR nor Vietnam for event-associated stamps. There are great chances that these issues will remain unilateral and that the entries will have to be removed from the list described in the catalogue (Vol 15). At least, here are the pictures of the Belarus stamps.

An other opportunity was mentioned by Cesar Ittman (The Netherlands). During the year 2022, France celebrates the 200th anniversary of the death of the famous author Moliere. France issued a first stamp on January 17, 2022, at the same time as Monaco, while Czech Republic issued a stamp on January 20, 2022. There is absolutely no claim from one of these countries for a joint issue. These are just stamps issued at the occasion of an anniversary and it would not be surprising to see much more other stamps released to honor Moliere during this year without any joint character.

The first true joint issue to be released this year is scheduled for February 14, 2022, not earlier. This is quite late compared to previous years.

Don Birschel (USA) explored older issues and asked about the relevance of some 2006 China-Africa Forum stamps as joint. Indeed, some of these stamps show the same design, but this is a logo and none of the countries have claimed a joint issue character. So again, this is an exemple of a non-approved joint issue. Here are the pictures of the stamps from countries that celebrated this event: Algeria (November 6, 2006), China (November 3), Egypt (November 5), Eritrea (November 3) and Ivory Coast (November 28).

Faroe Island – Greenland 2022

The date of January 14, 2022 corresponds to the 50th anniversary of the death of King Frederick IX of Denmark and at the same time to the date of accession to the Danish throne of Queen Margrethe II. At the occasion of this Golden Jubilee, both Faroe and Greenland issue a souvenir sheet. The Faroe souvenir sheet shows the Queen in national Faroese costume in front of the ruins of Magnus Cathedral, while Greenland issues a souvenir sheet showing the Queen in Greenlandic costume in front of icebergs. Unfortunately none of the postal administrations claim these products being joint. Also, there is no common product available for sale (e.g. mixed FDC or mixed folder). Therefore these souvenir sheets cannot be considered as joint, but simply as a parallel anniversary issue [PA/N]. On top of this, the main country, Denmark, is not issuing stamps at this January 14, 2022 anniversary date and prefers concentrating on different products related to this jubilee released over the year, with the first one which became available already on January 3.

Non-accepted logo-based stamps

The logo of the 100th anniversary of the funding of the Chinese Communist Party corresponds also to the design of the identical miniature sheets issued by Centrafrica, Chad, Djibouti, Guinea Bissau, Niger and Sao Tome, in which the stamps are the round centers of the zeros in figure “100”. These items are simple commemorative products created centrally (Stamperija), not related to the basic issue [D20210701] and therefore not considered as joint. Information provided by Wayne Chen (USA).