2022 : New year for a new site for Joint Issues

Today, this new site dedicated for joint issues is officially opened. It not only replaces with a new design the previous site (www.philarz.net), but provides all the information directly in the form of a blog and a permanently updated catalogue. Of course, this huge amount of information has to remain available for everyone and for free.

The news from the last months of 2021 are overlapping the ones presented in the previous site to allow a smoother transition toward this new blog/site. From now on, the old site will remain untouched and eventually i.e., in 12 to 18 months from now, will be deactivated, at the latest when all essential information will be completely transferred in the archives section of this new site.

Please, explore this new site and don’t hesitate to come back with suggestions for improvements, corrections or additions. The idea is to maintain the highest level of information and the most precise and updated one in the virtual catalogue. We will be glad to continue receiving information regarding joint issues through the different contact channels (contact, direct e-mail, posts, …). We wish you a happy new year with joint stamp issues.

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